Problem with Nylon, EVOH purge? Reach for Speci Purge™

Choosing the right purge resin is critical
Because downtime is money

What is Speci Purge™

  • Speci Purge™ is a heat activated reactive purge for cleaning extruders, dies and melt passages.
  • Speci Purge™ is especially well suited for purging Nylon, Ethylene-Vinyl Alcohol copolymers (EVOH), and PET
  • Foaming and scrubbing action for added efficiency

Additional Attributes

  • Effective for color changes and purging polyolefins.
  • Stable at elevated processing temperatures up to 608°F (320°C)
  • FDA compliant and Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) ingredients.
SpeciPurge is right for the job

Today's Multi-tasking equipment requires a thorough, efficient multi-tasking approach.

Chemical Action Foaming Action Scrubbing Action
Chemical – Breaks down polymer chains to lower viscosity and ease purging Foaming – Foaming agents help get Speci Purge™ into hard to clean areas Scrubbing – Nonabrasive scrubbing helps break up and remove hard degraded deposits